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Partial Lunar Eclipse - for SATB with piano (priced for 10 copies)

Lori Laitman
Anne Ranasinghe
Enchanted Knickers Music
Clássico / Música de coral
Piano, coro misto
Composição para
Piano de Acompanhamento, Coral
Tipo de composição
Partitura piano-vocal
Ano de composição

Co-commissioned by the Virginia Choral Society and the Alexandria Choral Society with dual premieres - Virginia Choral Society on May 5, 2019, Hampton Roads Academy, Hampton, VA; Alexandria Choral Society on May 18, 2019 at the Convergence Arts Initiative, Alexandria, VA.

Partial Lunar Eclipse, Sept. 7th, 2006 sets a poem by Sri Lankan poet Anne Ranasinghe. The song was composed in 2007 for solo voice with piano, the first of two songs of a short cycle entitled And Music Will Not End, commissioned by The Lyrica Society for Word- Music Relations. In 2018, the Alexandria Choral Society, under the direction of Brian J. Isaac and the Virginia Choral Society, under the direction of Sarah Gallo, co- commissioned me to re-envision the song for chorus with piano accompaniment.
The poem reflects on the mystery and timelessness of the universe, our place in that universe, and Anne's realization that she was nearing the end of her life. I found the poem to be particularly well-suited to a choral adaptation, with the colors of the additional vocal lines and the richness of the choral sound helping to create a sense of the the vastness of the universe.

The piano part proceeds along its own orbit, slightly dissonant and repetitive. Above this the voices glide with several instances of word painting: for example, a small descending motif is associated with the word “slipping”; a quickened pace as the “orb” begins to “sail its lonely journey”; and a climax with a long, loud choral chord emphasizing the idea of a “link with the infinite universe”. As the song draws to a close, the original pacing returns, and the voices and accompaniment drift off unresolved, cementing the idea of “no return”.

— Lori Laitman

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