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Lori Laitman

The Music of Lori Laitman, now available as PDFs

The Metropolitan Tower and Other Songs — for soprano and piano (priced for 2 copies)

Lori Laitman
Автор текста
Sara Teasdale
Enchanted Knickers Music
Классика / Песня
Фортепиано, Сопрано
Состав исполнителей
Соло, Аккомпанирующее фортепиано
Тип нот
Клавир с вокальной партией
Время звучания
Уровень сложности
Средний уровень
Год создания

The Metropolitan Tower, the first art song that I ever composed, was written at the request of Lauren Wagner for inclusion on her debut CD. I listened to many art songs for guidance, and read a lot of poetry. I was happy to discover Sara Teasdale, whose simple lyricism had an immediate appeal. I was also attracted to the music of Paul Bowles, and patterned The Metropolitan Tower on his song Secret Words — by using melody as the primary force with a simple accompaniment that often doubled the vocal line. The opening textural sparseness and dissonance of the accompaniment in A Winter Night sets the mood for the winter imagery of the poem. The use of sustained pedal in Old Tunes creates an blurred sound atmosphere, conjuring the image of a fragrances floating in the air or sounds recalled through memory. The shifting harmonies and meters of The Strong House create a feeling of instability as a commentary on the text. Lush harmonies are the hallmark of The Hour, which, like The Metropolitan Tower, is a reflection on a woman's first discovery of love (and which is also dedicated to my husband). The syncopated rhythms and chromatic harmonies in the piano part of To A Loose Woman set a sly background for the dramatic vocal line.

There are various recordings of these songs, which can be found on Spotify or YouTube.

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20.00 USD
PDF, 2.69 Мб (29 стр.)


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